BMW Communication


BMW communication and navigation.

Instant information.BMW communication and navigation.

BMW offers a comprehensive range of telematics and navigation solutions which are conveniently operated using the BMW navigation system with split-screen function. BMW Assist provides you with instant information as and when you need it while BMW Online ensures access to internet-based mobile services directly from your vehicle. And with the digital road maps you will find your destination easily and most comfortably. Discover the new dimension to mobility.

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BMW Road Map

At home on every road.

The latest versions of the 2014 BMW Digital Road Maps are now available across the BMW range. Whether for everyday use or on holiday – it’s good to have a guide you can rely on completely. With BMW navigation solutions you always have an innovative companion at your side to get you safely and easily to your destination. Catering for your every need, BMW Digital Road Maps take into consideration new roads and traffic conditions and depending on your BMW model, provides tourism information for your route planning. In addition to the traffic guide, special locations such as restaurants, petrol stations or hotels are also updated, allowing you to always find the best way to your destination. Depending on your specific BMW model, the annual BMW Digital Road Maps update is available either by DVD, USB or electronic upload. To equip your BMW with the latest software and confirm compatibility, please contact your preferred BMW dealership today.
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BMW Split Screen

Two functions at one glance.

The split-screen function adds even more effectiveness to the information provided by digital road maps. Viewing the map and arrow display simultaneously - or other information - is easy with a split screen. Travelling is more pleasurable now that retrieving information on alternative routes is so effortlessly accessed. Ask your BMW service partner for more information on equipping your vehicle with this convenient, easy-to-use feature.
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BMW Audio

A perfect fit.

Get in and play on - the USB audio interface lets you connect MP3 players, Apple iPods, USB sticks and mobile phones seamlessly with the BMW audio system. Tracks are played in HiFi quality via the loudspeakers and your music choice can be controlled using either buttons on the steering wheels, iDrive, voice control or the radio buttons.
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BMW Audio

Easy listening.

How do you navigate through a library of 10,000 songs? Preferably on the road using the vehicle's control functions. Almost all common MP3 players, Apple iPods and USB sticks can be integrated effortlessly with the audio system. The title of the track being played is displayed either on the control or radio display. MP3 players and Apple iPhones can be operated directly from the central console. All common formats are supported (MP3, AAC, WAV and WMA) as well as M3U-format playlists. To integrate an Apple iPod or Apple iPhone, the BMW cable adapter for Apple iPod/iPhone equipment option is required.
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BMW Bluetooth

Make phone calls from your vehicle

With the BMW Bluetooth interface.
Connecting a mobile phone to your vehicle via Bluetooth is the safest and most comfortable way to speak on the phone while on the road. This is why BMW was the first automobile manufacturer to introduce the Bluetooth communication standard for mobile phone integration as early as December 2002. The wireless connection enables drivers to operate their mobile phones via the multifunctional steering wheel, the iDrive Controller or voice control. The mobile phone's telephone book is synchronised with the on-board computer and can be accessed via the radio display or the on-board monitor.