Thanks to the standard-feature M Sport package in its new design, the BMW iX3 looks sportier than ever. Aerodynamic elements and blue accents bring out the electric nature of the vehicle to its full effect. Whether for short or longer journeys – with a range of up 471 km* and electricity consumption from 17.6 kWh/100 km*, the BMW iX3 is ideally suited to every route.


BMW iX3:
Power consumption in kWh/100 km: 18.0-17.6
CO2 emissions in g/km (combined): 0

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100% electric: the optional “Impressive” model builds on the standard “Inspiring” model and further enhances the exclusive flair and driving comfort of your BMW.
  • 20” M aerodynamic wheels 890 M Bicolour
  • Harman Kardon surround sound system with BMW IconicSounds Electric
  • and many further optional equipment
BMW iX3 G08 2021 M sport model impressive M Carbon Black metallic three-quarter front view


BMW iX3 G08 2021


BMW iX3 G08 2021 front view

Front design.

The almost completely closed BMW i kidney grille forms the central optical element of the impressive front. Together with the L-shaped arrangement of the air inlets in BMW i Blue, it underlines the all-electric nature of the BMW iX3. The flat Adaptive LED headlights in the new design give the front of the BMW iX3 a focused look.

BMW iX3 G08 2021 side view

Side view.

The generously proportioned contours around the wheel housings self-assuredly showcase the 20" M Aerodynamic 890 M style wheels in Jet Black with aluminium accents. The Air Breather in BMW M design on the wing behind the front wheel optimises the airflow.
BMW iX3 G08 2021 rear view

Rear design.

In combination with the vertical Air Breather, new LED rear lights with three-dimensional cover glass, pincer graphic and horizontal indicators ensure an appearance with maximum focus. Diffusers in Blue complete the tail above the road. The trim positioned in between has a high-quality appearance in Frozen Grey.


BMW iX3 G08 2021


Cockpit BMW iX3 G08 2021


BMW Live Cockpit Professional with navigation function comprises a high-quality display network. This consists of a high-resolution touch-operated 12.3" control display and a fully digital 12.3" instrument display. The BMW Operating System 7 can be operated via the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant, among other tools.

Panorama glass roof BMW iX3 G08 2021

Panorama glass roof.

Beautiful light, fresh air. When closed, the panoramic glass sunroof ensures a welcoming, brightly lit atmosphere in the interior. You can adjust it electrically and smoothly to suit your needs. Slightly raised or wide open, fresh air flows in. A wind deflector automatically prevents unpleasant draughts.

Sport seats BMW iX3 G08 2021

Sport seats.

Ensuring a high level of comfort in the interior of the BMW iX3 are sport seats in perforated fine-grain Sensatec fitted as standard. The M leather steering wheel including Multifunction and M emblem has a 3-spoke design. Interior trim strips in Aluminium Rhombicle Dark additionally set sporty accents.


19" BMW aerodynamic wheel Double-spoke style 842 Bicolour BMW iX3 G08 2021

19" BMW aerodynamic wheel Double-spoke style 842 Bicolour.

19" BMW aerodynamic wheel Double-spoke style 842 in Bicolour. Winter complete wheel with tyre pressure monitor and run-flat tyre, wheel size 8J x 19.
BMW Floor mats all-weather front BMW iX3 G08 2021

BMW all-weather floor mats front.

The perfectly fitted BMW all-weather floor mats protect the front footwell against moisture and dirt. In black with stainless steel X3 lettering.
BMW rear bike rack Pro 2.0 BMW iX3 G08 2021

BMW rear bike rack Pro 2.0.

Light, stable BMW rear bike rack Pro 2.0 for two bikes/e-bikes. Maximum load of 60 kg, can be compactly folded together.

THE BMW iX3 WITH 210 kW (286 HP).

BMW iX3 G08 2021


More dynamic, efficient and innovative than ever: the fifth-generation BMW eDrive technology installed in the BMW iX3. In combination with the newly developed high-voltage battery and Adaptive suspension, it allows this SAV to offer an electrifying driving performance and acceleration over every metre.

Adaptive suspension BMW iX3 G08 2021

Adaptive suspension.

More rolling comfort, more driving dynamics. The Adaptive suspension adapts the damper characteristics to the respective driving situation. The COMFORT default settings provides especially high driving comfort.

Electric drive unit BMW iX3 G08 2021

Electric drive unit.

The highly integrated drive unit combines electric motor, transmission and power electronics in an aluminium housing, saving space and weight. The direct, spontaneous implementation of acceleration requests ensures the typical BMW driving pleasure. By managing without rare earths, the electric motor is particularly sustainable.
Recuperation system BMW iX3 G08

Recuperation system.

The recuperation system converts the kinetic energy generated during deceleration and braking into electricity and feeds this into the drive's high-voltage battery to increase the range. The adjustability of the recuperation level in four stages enables increased individualisation and a significant gain in comfort.
BMW IconicSounds Electric BMW iX3 G08 2021

BMW IconicSounds Electric.

The BMW IconicSounds Electric are soundtracks of electric driving pleasure. Sounds from the inside and outside loudspeakers accompany your driving manoeuvres. From relaxing to powerful, they match the selected driving mode. The multi-layered compositions specially for BMW i models come from the Oscar-winning film composer Hans Zimmer.

  • Why do the ranges vary?
  • In detail
  • General range specification and range values in this indicator
  • What are the assumptions underlying the driving style settings?


BMW iX3 G08 2021 M Carbon Black side front view driving

Thanks to the interplay of an efficient drivetrain concept, aerodynamic design, and a powerful high-voltage battery, the BMW iX3 reaches ranges of up to 471 km*. Innovative technologies, such as brake energy recovery, help to extend the range and reduce energy consumption to 18.0-17.6 kWh/100 km.


With your BMW iX3 and BMW Charging, you benefit from numerous tailor-made offers for charging at home, on the road and at work as well as an impressive vehicle charging capacity of up to 150 kW. Included with the vehicle is a standard charging kit consisting of the Flexible Fast Charger for flexible and mobile charging at home, as well as the charging cable for public charging and the BWM Charging Card.

Charging at home for a range of 100 km.

01:37 h – Wallbox (11 kW)

01:37 h – Flexible Fast Charger (11kW) on industrial socket

08:07 h – Standard charging cable or Flexible Fast Charger (2.3 kW) on household socket
Contact dealer for charging solutions
BMW iX3 G08 2021

Charging on the move for a range of 100 km

00:10 h – High-power charging station (max. vehicle charging capacity)

00:20 h – Fast charging station (50kW)

01:37 h – AC charging station (max. vehicle charging capacity)

The calculation takes into account consumption and charging performance. Values refer to 29-33 degrees Celsius battery start and ambient temperature with certification values excluding additional auxiliary consumers such as seat heating, displays, air conditioning. Individual consumption may vary (depending on e.g. driving profile, temperature, ambient conditions) as well as the individually achievable charging performance (depending on e.g. battery state of charge, vehicle air conditioning). Consumption is based on WLTP best case. Charging performance is based on the maximum possible charging performance (depending on charging type and vehicle).

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BMW iX3 G08 2021 M Carbon Black rear view at high power charging station

The innovative services of the My BMW App and BMW Maps with Connected Charging and Connected Navigation help you to efficiently exploit the range of your BMW iX3 and plan your routes accordingly. You can operate these services quite simply by communicating with your BMW. Your BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant always travels at your side and enables you to control numerous vehicle functions by voice command.


The BMW iX3 you a wide range of digital services and intelligent assistance systems. From the parking assistant through to your personal voice assistant, the innovative technologies increase comfort and safety during the journey.
BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant BMW iX3 G08 2021 Control Display interior

BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant.

"Hey BMW, I'm hungry." Your BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant will find the closest restaurant and immediately plan the route. But it can do so much more. Your BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant will assist you with regard to vehicle functions. And clearly explain useful features. It helps you to simply and intuitively operate your BMW.

Connected Charging BMW iX3 G08 2020 Control Display interior

BMW Maps - Connected Charging.

With the Connected Charging digital services, you use the range of your BMW i model efficiently while remaining flexible at all times. The system assists you in the search for public charging stations and provides important information in advance. The app also gives you an overview of relevant vehicle data.
Digital Key BMW iX3 G08 2020

Digital Key.

The BMW Digital Key turns your compatible smartphone into a vehicle key. To unlock, simply hold the smartphone next to the door handle; before starting your BMW place it on the smartphone tray. In addition, you can send a Digital Key to up to five friends, and even limit the maximum speed, for example – ideal for novice drivers. 

* The BMW Digital Key is compatible with selected smartphones only. A list of compatible smartphones is available at The use of BMW Digital Key requires the Teleservices equipment.

Driving Assistant Professional BMW iX3 G08 2021

Driving Assistant Professional.

The Parking Assistant helps with parking and manoeuvring. With distance sensors, the emergency braking function and the Reversing Assist Camera, you can overcome even the narrowest parking spaces. Or you could simply let your BMW park for you. If spaces get tight, the Reversing Assistant can retrace up to the last 50 metres travelled on its own.

Parking Assistant BMW iX3 G08 2021

Parking Assistant.

Parking Assistant makes parking the vehicle easier. The Rear View camera provides a clearer view behind the vehicle. Active Park Distance Control offers increased protection against damage caused by parking. Parking Assistant parks the vehicle automatically, parallel or perpendicular to the street, and leaves parallel parking spaces. The Reversing Assistant supports you when reversing, e.g. in narrow lanes.
Active navigation BMW iX3 G08 2021

Active Navigation.

The Active Navigation Guidance as an extended function of the Steering and Lane Guidance Assistant is able to suggest a change of lane when this becomes necessary to follow the navigation route. To do this, the system identifies a suitable gap in the traffic flowing in the adjacent lane and then directs your attention to the lane change.


Engine power in kW (hp):

210 (286)

Maximum torque in Nm:  


Acceleration 0–100 km/h in s:


Electric range in km (WLTP):


Maximum charging capacity:  

recharging for 10 min can add up to 100 km
(high-power charging station)

BMW iX3 G08 2021 technical data



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Energy consumption and CO2 emissions of the BMW iX3.

  • ** Market-specific offer valid for new vehicles from BMW branches and dealers in Europe in the BMW Charging Network

    BMW iX3:
    Power consumption in kWh/100 km (combined): 18.0-17.6
    CO2 emissions in g/km (combined): 0

    The values of fuel consumptions, CO2 emissions and energy consumptions shown were determined according to the European Regulation (EC) 715/2007 in the version applicable at the time of type approval. The figures refer to a vehicle with basic configuration in Germany and the range shown considers optional equipment and the different size of wheels and tires available on the selected model.

    The CO2 efficiency specifications are determined according to Directive 1999/94/EC and the European Regulation in its current version applicable. The values shown are based on the fuel consumption, CO2 values and energy consumptions according to the NEDC cycle for the classification.

    When charging times are shown they can be affected by a number of factors such as type of charger, voltage supplied to the charger/car and type of current (AC or DC) supplied to the charger/car. The car also plays a role in charging times as it can be set by the driver to accept various different amperage and should preconditioning be used to heat or cool the vehicle while charging this will also affect the charging time.

    The basis for the calculation of the charging times for 100 km range is the electric consumption of the vehicle based on the use of a high-Powered Charging station (HPC) or charging type and current as indicted in the literature above. The testing procedure measures are based on a 23 degrees Celsius battery start and ambient temperature with certification values excluding additional auxiliary consuming devices and systems within the vehicle such as seat heating, displays, air conditioning.

    Individual consumption (fuel economy) may differ due to driving profile, vehicle load profile, auxiliary consumer usage, temperature, and ambient conditions. Consumption is based on WLTP or NEDC (whichever is indicated) best case conditions and is independently tested for BMW Group. If you are comparing this range with other models or brands make sure they are stating the same WLTP or NEDC testing regime. These results can be used to compare vehicles on a close to “like for like” basis but are unlikely to be achieved in real world conditions for reasons including temperature variation, driving conditions and the use of the auxiliary systems referred to above.

    Information provided and images displayed on this site include overseas models and may show some features not available in New Zealand. Please contact an authorised BMW dealer for specific information on vehicles and features available in New Zealand. Product changes may have been made since production of this content.