BMW i ChargeNow


ChargeNow, in cooperation with Charge Net, enables BMW i customers in New Zealand to access the entire Charge Net® network of public charging
stations with a single ChargeNow card.


ChargeNow will be available in New Zealand from 31st October 2016 and until further notice, all current BMW owners that join will receive FREE membership including ChargeNow membership cards and 10% discount on all charging sessions used in the ChargeNow charging network for the first 24 months! 


If you have any queries regarding ChargeNow, or if you are interested in joining, please visit


ChargeNow, makes everyday on-the-go charging a convenient and seamless part of owning a BMW i vehicle. Through ConnectedDrive, the in-vehicle BMW i navigation (through Navigation Professional) or by using the BMW i Remote app, BMW i drivers can easily locate the nearest public charging stations, with real time use status shown, if available. All BMW i owners are provided 2 complimentary ChargeNow cards with each BMW i vehicle, for customer support and access to all public charging locations on Charge Net's growing network - to plug in and charge the BMW i.

Remote App

Remote App

Download the BMW i Remote app to:

  • Find public charging stations, check their availability, and send their locations directly to your BMW i.
  • Communicate directly with your BMW i vehicle, including car location, range, and current battery levels.
  • Set preconditioning, for optimal battery and cabin temperature. Locate points of interest.

Where can I charge my car?

Where can I charge my car?

There are a growing number of stations across New Zealand and are expanding all the time. Find your favourite station in a certain location or quickly view recent charging stations.



For safe and convenient battery charging of your BMW i electric vehicle, we have a home charging solution that includes the ergonomically-designed BMW i Wallbox Connect. It’s perfect if you have a private parking space or covered area at your home. It provides charging power of up to 7.4 KW single phase and 22KW 3 phase and comes with 3 RFID cards for added security, giving a charging time of approximately 3 hours for a full charge. The BMW i Wallbox comes with a 4-metre long type 2 tethered charging cable which allows you to connect to the vehicle with just one hand. The charging process starts automatically, unless you choose to delay it using the car’s seven-day in-built timer. Not only is the Wallbox well-designed, it is also made with sustainability in mind, using durable, mostly recycled materials. This equipment should always be installed by a qualified electrician and because of this BMWi have engaged recommended installers all over NZ providing a fixed price install. Wall box RRP $1,964 + GST. Contact your local BMW dealer to purchase.


As a ChargeNow member, you get all the benefits of joining the Charge Net network as well as other networks around the country, so you can easily charge your BMW i vehicle the next time you're out and about. Until further notice, all current BMW owners will receive FREE ChargeNow membership cards and FREE membership for the first 24 months. To make things even more exciting, BMW owners will also receive a 10% discount on all charging sessions used in the ChargeNow charging network.


To register to ChargeNow, please visit:


Here's how it works:


1. Create a ChargeNow account and activate your cards. Sign up to create your ChargeNow account and activate the ChargeNow cards included with your BMW i vehicle. Once your account is created and your cards are activated, you can access stations on the go whenever you’d like. You can also order new cards or manage your cards - simply log in, go to My Account and Manage ChargeNow Cards.


2. Link a credit card to your ChargeNow account. If you need to access a paid station, we make it easy to sync your credit card when you create your ChargeNow account.


3. Find a participating public charging station.


- Download the BMW i Remote app to find available public charging stations, check their availability, and send their locations directly to your BMW i.

- Use the onboard BMW i navigation via the BMW ConnectedDrive services, to find public stations from your BMW i vehicle.

- You can also locate member stations using the ChargeNow online map, which displays which stations are in use, available or allow reservations.


4. Plug in and charge. To charge your BMW i vehicle at a participating public charging station, plug your vehicle into the charging station, tap your ChargeNow card over the reader symbol, select either 80% and full charge and press start on the station to start the charge. If you need to stop the charge, simply tap your ChargeNow card over the reader symbol and press STOP. Alternatively, you can start a session by logging into

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