BMW Driving Experience FAQ



BMW Driving Experience Frequently Asked Questions.


  • Who is eligible to take part in BMW Driving Experience?

    BMW Advanced I Driving Experience is suitable for all drivers who hold a valid, NZ full car driver's licence or equivalent.

  • How much driving is there on the course?

    BMW prides itself on a 90% driving experience with 10% theory.

  • Do I have to own a BMW to participate?

    No, BMW Driving Experience is open to all New Zealanders meeting the above requirements, regardless of what make of vehicle they drive.

  • Do we drive in wet weather?

    Yes. BMW Driving Experience continues in the rain as normal. In the unusual circumstance that a cancellation is required, all participants will be notified and rescheduled for another day or will be refunded if there is no day suitable.

  • Can I drive my own car?

    No, BMW Driving Experience provides all vehicles. Participants will be paired up in cars to allow for driving and observational learning opportunities. Vehicles that are not part of the BMW Driving Experience fleet are not permitted in the driving area at anytime.

  • Are gift certificates offered?

    Yes, gift certificates are available for full and partial course costs. Perfect for all occasions: birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine's Day and other special occasions. For businesses,
    BMW Driving Experience gift certificates are a fantastic tool to use for loyal customers, new prospects and employees, as a gesture of goodwill, donations and incentives. Organisations may also purchase an exclusive day for a group or awarding individual gift certificates. To purchase gift certificates

  • Are corporate days and group programs available?

    Yes, BMW Driving Experience can accommodate corporate and incentive groups for dedicated events. BMW Driving Experience can be used as an employee appreciation or customer relationship building experience. Pricing is premium based and dependent on the amount of customisation required by the corporate for the day. To book a Group or Corporate BMW Driving Experience Day, contact Mike Eady on 021 982 700 or email

  • Will I be taught about driving a vehicle with a manual gearbox?

    No, All BMW Driving Experience vehicles have automatic transmission with a steptronic gear box option.

  • How many participants per car?

    Two participants per car. Participants will be paired up in cars to allow for driving and observational learning opportunity.

  • Is there an instructor in the car with the participant?

    No, the instructors communicate with the participants via a two-way radio provided in each car.

  • Who insures the course cars?

    BMW insures the course cars provided for each level of BMW Driving Experience. Each participant will need to complete and sign standard indemnity forms upon arrival and registration on the day of the course.

  • What do I need to bring on the day of the course?

    Please bring your driver's licence and appropriate outdoor clothing for the day because most of the course occurs outdoors. It is recommended to wear comfortable clothing and flat soled shoes. If you have a gift certificate, please bring it with you as well.

  • Can participants skip the Advanced 1 courses to go directly to Advanced 2

    Participants enter the program through Advanced 1. To proceed to Advanced 2 they must complete Advanced 1. Participants holding certificates from approved racing schools may be passed directly to Advanced 2 on a case-by-case basis, providing their certificate from the approved program is no more than 3 years old. BMW Driving Experience will make the final determination regarding eligibility of participants.

  • Can participants bring their children and friends to watch?

    Yes, however only those participating or working at the event will be permitted to enter the driving area at the event. Observers will be required to stay inside and around the BMW Pavilion. No staff members are available to watch or be responsible for children on site. All children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.