An award winning line-up.

STUFF TOP CARS 2018.An award winning line-up.

Top luxury car 2018: BMW 530e

The BMW 530e iPerformance implements both approaches perfectly and remains way ahead of its time. It relies on electrifying driving pleasure and, thanks to the plug-in hybrid drive, looks forward to a bright future.

“It goes without saying that any car running on pure-electric power is restful and refined. But when that EV has the comfort and dynamic qualities of the 5-series, you're really on the next level of luxury driving. “ – David Linklater (Stuff’s Top Car Judge)

Top performance car 2018: BMW M5

Excitingly and elegantly shaped. More powerful than ever. The new generation of the BMW M5 is a statement of supreme engineering skill and innovative driving intelligence.

“It's a true super-sedan, both an A-to-B rocketship and circuit-capable sensation. But there's another key element established back with that original M5 that continues today: luxury and refinement.“ – David Linklater (Stuff’s Top Car Judge)

Sexiest car 2018: BMW i8 Roadster

The future is taking shape – in the form of the first ever BMW i8 Roadster. Enthusiastic, fascinating and ready to reinterpret freedom. For unconditional driving pleasure, as far as the road goes.

“"beautiful" and "sexy" are not necessarily the same thing and the i8's combination of styling function and outlandish form make it incredibly striking, highly desirable - and yes, very sexy. “ – David Linklater (Stuff’s Top Car Judge)