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Important Information Regarding the use of Biodiesel in BMW Group Vehicles.

Owners of BMW Group vehicles in New Zealand are advised that biodiesel blends of a ratio of 'B20' are now available in New Zealand however, these fuels are considered 'unsuitable' for use in BMW Group vehicles.
BMW Group New Zealand advises its customers that the use of biodiesel in any BMW Group vehicle (BMW, MINI and Rolls Royce) is acceptable only to a maximum blend ratio of 'B7' and the usage of 'B20' blended biodiesel is not recommended.

While BMW Group New Zealand commends any initiative to reduce vehicle emissions, it advises its customers to avoid the usage of biodiesel blended to a ratio higher than B7 as this may cause engine damage. Any such damage would fall outside the manufacturer's warranty and is therefore the liability of the owner of that vehicle.

Any questions regarding biodiesel, and its compatibility with BMW Group vehicles, should be directed to your nearest authorised BMW Dealership.

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