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Castrol - It's more than just Oil, it's Liquid Engineering

Castrol has been involved in the sponsorship of BMW Driving Experience in New Zealand for over 5 years.

Castrol products have been proven time and again to meet the superior engine technology demands of BMW engineering.  Castrol and BMW work together in joint Research & Development projects, using lubricants technology to improve the performance of new models. This brings benefits to BMW drivers worldwide.

BMW has specified Castrol as a first fill supplier to ensure that BMW cars leaving the factory meet high quality and performance levels. These vehicles are filled with Castrol oils, engine and transmission lubricants and other technical fluids as they leave the production line.

Just as important, to ensure that your car is maintained to the same rigorous standards, BMW recommends Castrol throughout its entire operations.

The Castrol Professional range of BMW products delivers durability, extended drain capability, fuel efficiency and clean performance technology.

Castrol SLX Professional Powerflow has been tested in the 800 hour BMW endurance test - this test is equivalent to a lifetime of driving. Castrol SLX Professional Powerflow passed this test successfully!



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